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WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO, WEED OUT EVERY RACIST/SEXIST/HOMOPHOBE? Dont be such a fucking pissbaby?! Theres bigger problems thAn social justtice bloggers tbh

of course we can’t do that. and i’ve been thinking a lot lately, so i’ll put down my thoughts:

social justice bloggers aren’t a problem at all until they become verbally violent. for example, in my experience, i’ve seen social justice bloggers describe killing trans men (specifically trans men) in very gruesome ways, just because they’re men and apparently trans men have the same privileges as cis men. sjb have gotten to the point where they’re toxic within their own community.

the problem isn’t the occasional “i hate cis people” or “i hate white people” or whatever. it’s the doxxing, death threats, suicide baiting, and the like towards people who openly disagree with them. and usually sjb never have a rebuttal for people that disagree with them, they just go straight to harassment.

here’s some notable examples of

  • cisphobia (as much as i hate calling it that because what cis people face on here is nothing compared to what trans people face irl, but i’m just using cisphobia as a blanket term for when people are harassed for being cis. cisphobia isn’t real outside of social justice tumblr.)
  • heterophobia (same thing applies)
  • general doxxing
  • general death wishes
  • and more

even if these are vents, there are more ways to vent than by telling people to die. no one should be told to die. which is where that old post comes in (“majorities aren’t the problem; bigots are the problem”).

now, don’t get me wrong, a simple “i hate it when men do this” or “why do men always do that” kind of post isn’t bad. those kinds of posts can actually be helpful to men (in this case) in being less sexist or whatever. but telling people to kill themselves helps no one. do not tell people to kill themselves jfc

to be honest, i would consider myself a social justice blogger if other sjbs weren’t so toxic

(note: i don’t check activity on this blog, so if you have a reply, send it in an ask)

really i won’t hate anyone who disagrees with what i said but like? at least tell me why you disagree if you’re gonna bother sending a message like i really do not care if you respect me as a human or not

i’m not the original owner of this url, but i’ll add my two cents…

the person who wrote that post isn’t necessarily wrong, but they’re missing the point. the reason social justice bloggers say “all x are bad” is to get people’s attention because enough of them are bad and they don’t want anyone ignoring a message by saying “not all x are bad though! i’m certainly not a bad x!” because there are just some things you can’t avoid when you’re in a majority group. no one hates you because of how you were born, but when someone calls out something x tend to do, please listen. if it doesn’t apply to you, then great. and if it does, correct what you were doing and live on. please




  • white people are not the bad guys
  • Christian people are not the bad guys
  • Republicans are not the bad guys
  • straight people are not the bad guys
  • cisgender people are not the bad guys
  • rich people are not the bad guys
  • men are not the bad guys
  • racist, bigoted, homophobic, ignorant, selfish, and / or rude people are the bad guys

dear social justice bloggers