really i won’t hate anyone who disagrees with what i said but like? at least tell me why you disagree if you’re gonna bother sending a message like i really do not care if you respect me as a human or not

i’m not the original owner of this url, but i’ll add my two cents…

the person who wrote that post isn’t necessarily wrong, but they’re missing the point. the reason social justice bloggers say “all x are bad” is to get people’s attention because enough of them are bad and they don’t want anyone ignoring a message by saying “not all x are bad though! i’m certainly not a bad x!” because there are just some things you can’t avoid when you’re in a majority group. no one hates you because of how you were born, but when someone calls out something x tend to do, please listen. if it doesn’t apply to you, then great. and if it does, correct what you were doing and live on. please




  • white people are not the bad guys
  • Christian people are not the bad guys
  • Republicans are not the bad guys
  • straight people are not the bad guys
  • cisgender people are not the bad guys
  • rich people are not the bad guys
  • men are not the bad guys
  • racist, bigoted, homophobic, ignorant, selfish, and / or rude people are the bad guys

dear social justice bloggers